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1. ''D.O.C.'' stands for ''date of conception,'' although given the deadly baby-making dynamics on the Island, it could stand for ''dead on conception.'' Tonight's episode deals with both ideas. Of course, ''D.O.C.'' also looks like ''Doc,'' which is fitting because fertility doctor Juliet has a big role in the story. (Hmmm...Maybe ''D.O.C.'' should also stand for ''deceitful or credible?'') ''D.O.C.'' also sounds like ''Dock,'' which could refer to the animal mutilation practice of ''docking,'' which has also been applied to humans as a form of corporal punishment. Example: the brand Juliet received for killing Danny. Docking is something of an eye-for-an-eye punitive practice, and as the Others have indicated, they seem to adhere to an eye-for-an-eye ethos. All of which makes me wonder if the Others are hell-bent on killing Charlie for the murder of Ethan. We shall see. Speaking of death...

2. Tonight, we will make a return visit to the Medical Hatch, and discover a secret room that Kate and Claire missed on their last visit.

3. Tonight, Jin will do kung fu.

4. Better yet, tonight, Jin will do kung fu on someone you thought was dead, but is very much alive.

5. As for whether or not Jin's kick-ass martial arts compensates for the fact that he allegedly shoots blanks, if you know what I mean — well, tonight will settle that question, too.

6. The very last scene of the episode, you're going to hear something that makes your head spin. After it stops rotating, and you've wrapped your mind around the cause, the first thing you need to do is send me an email at JeffJensenEW@aol.com. Next week, I'll offer an extended survey of your reactions.

Source: EW

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