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Thanks to Dezdemona over at The Fuselage for the following

About "One of Us":
Quote:Tonight, you will learn how Juliet came to the Island, and why the Others so desperately needed her miracle-grow baby-making science. You will learn more about Ethan's infiltration of the castaway encampment in season 1. You will learn how the Others know so much about the castaways. And the ending... well, it's killer.

From the very end, after the speculative portion of the program:
Quote:Yes, folks: I have seen more than just tonight's episode. And they're good. REALLY good. And if you want a hint of what's to come, how about this:
Remember Charlie's question in the pilot — ''Guys... where are we?'' Well, having seen the next couple episodes, I think a better question would be this: ''Guys... WHO are we?''

Source: Doc Jensen

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