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Well with the run in to the Season 3 finale it's once again funny season as thousands of foilers, spoilers and pieces of disinformation are sent around the net.

Here is an update from AICN that confirms that there is indeed a flashback for Episode 19 and it is a Locke flashback. This now makes much more sense.

UPDATE!! Another reputable source told us late last night that 3.19 WILL contain flashbacks, and they'll be Locke flashbacks. So I called my original source (the one who said no flashbacks for 3.19), and that source said my latter source was right. The original source got confused because all of Locke's flashbacks are very RECENT flashbacks. All apparently take place on Dharma Island (or thereabouts) subsequent to Ben reintroducing Locke to his daddy (the last time we all saw Locke). So the real, true and now double-confirmed flashback order is:

3.17 Desmond Hume
3.18 Jin & Sun Kwon
3.19 John Locke
3.20 Benjamin Linus
3.21 Charlie Pace
3.22-23 Jack Shephard

Source: AICN

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