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Here's the latest from Kristin. The bit that stands out is the "Naomi tells Hurley the fate of the real Oceanic Flight 815". What does that mean? Let's hear your thoughts/specualation.

Update: There is a new rumour that explains the comment and Oceanic Flight 815.

HenryLee in London: Please, I'll take any news you have on Lost!
Well, there's a lot going on as far as that mysterious visitor from last week, who you probably figured out by the credits is Miss Marsha Thomason from Las Vegas. (Maybe she blew off a Vegas rooftop like Lara Flynn Boyle and landed on Lost island?) She is a major twist to the plot, from what I hear. I also hear that [read only if you want to know!] this week there will be shocking moment when the fallen angel (Thomason) tells Hurley the fate of the real (wtf?!) Oceanic Flight 815.

Carmela in Wisconsin: Lost!
We'll definitely see more of Sawyer and Sayid working together. How far they've come—from torture to teamwork! Yay, S & S! Plus, sounds like Penny's dad, Charles Widmore, may be seen again. Alan Dale (also Big Daddy Meade on Ugly Betty) tells me, "When I was at the Golden Globes, one of the executive producers came up to me and asked, 'Would you like to come back?' And I said yes, of course, if we can work it out, although obviously Betty comes first." If only his son Daniel Meade had such priorities! (Did that last ep break your heart or what?)

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