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From Herc over at AICN.

UPDATE: A source at ABC has since whispered to TVGuide.com, "Although the episode doesn't have a traditional flashback, the flashback device is still used." Hmmm....

A highly-placed insider has just set my hinder straight on the batting order for the final episodes of “Lost” this season.

The bad news? As reported by TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, the season will indeed not end with a Benjamin Linus flashback two-parter.

The good news? We’ll be getting Ben’s flashbacks even sooner! He’ll be the focus of 3.20, the episode previously believed to be DeGroot-centric. (If you’re thinking Dharma masterminds Karen and Gerald DeGroot will still turn up in that episode, I’d guess you’re thinking right.)

The shocking news? After years of privately and publicly nagging the producers of “Lost” to cut back on the flashbacks, I can report that 3.19 is slated to be the first-ever flashback-free episode in the series’ history.

The absent flashbacks for that episode, says my source, “won't even be missed.”

“The episode,” he or she adds, “focuses on one of season one's ‘mysteries’ - if that's the right word.”

What I am assured is the true flashback order:
3.17 Desmond Hume
3.18 Jin & Sun Kwon
3.19 no flashbacks!
3.20 Benjamin Linus
3.21 Charlie Pace
3.22-23 Jack Shephard

Source: AICN

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