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More filming updates

Just been sent this for one of our sources in Hawaii.

FILMING RIGHT NOW rainy alley way....Charlie is wearing the same black leather jacket and carrying his guitar just like the flashbackscene he had with Desmond so this is a continuation of that same day Desmond met Charlie singing on the sidewalk.

A lady is being mugged in the alley way....GUESS WHO!!????!!

It's Naomi. He saves her from the mugger with the knife.

Hmmm, so I would assume that Naomi knows Desmond because at this scene, it puts them all in the same general area on the same day.

They are also setting up now at the same corner where Desmond and Charlie came upon eachother in London, only they have a big "green screen", and they haven't decorated anything else, so I'm assuming they'll be bringing down the rainmaking stuff and Desmond may show up with Charlie and/or Naomi to tie it all together and they will just green screen the rest later in the background.

Source: Aloha Oe

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