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Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse conceptualize "D.O.C." and look forward to what's in "The Brig".

Thanks to Sick_Passenger for the extended highlights below.

- Jin IS the father of Sun's child..
- The sperm count of males on the island is 5 times greater.
- Sun is responsible for Jin's "mob-life" - It's a catch 22.
- The parachutist's name is Naomi Dorrit (sp?)
- The Losties are NOT in purgatory.
- Other possible explanations for Naomi's comment about 815 (1. She's lying, 2. Conspiracy theory)
- In the next episode she will delve further into what her mission is.

- Mikhail is alive (1. The fence was not turned up high enough to kill him, 2. He DID NOT come back from the dead)

The Brig.
- The Other's are on their way to "someplace".
- We will find out how Cooper got to the island.
- What happened between Locke seeing his father tied up and when he said good-bye to Kate.
- A lot of things will be answered.

- The flash on Hurley in Catch 22 was only a lens flair.
- Think pseudo-science and borderlands of the supernatural for explanations of LOST.
- They will be revisiting the psychic's predictions for Claire in the future as well as Walt's abilities.
- The Others' obsession with children & pregnancy goes beyond the inability to successfully bear children on the island.
- The Other's definitely have an interest in children with special abilities. That's why they took Walt.
- There are two factions of The Others & and are in no relation to the hatches/stations.
- They will be getting back to the statue before the show ends.

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