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Thanks to several of you for pointing this one out. It's really just a summary of what we mostly know but thought it would be worth re-posting.

On still-mysterious Lost, no season-finale is complete without someone dying. Who that will be is still anyone's guess. The survivors of Flight 815 will have another showdown with the "Others," the origins of the Dharma Initiative will be explained, and the beach occupants divide into two camps: one run by Jack (Matthew Fox) and the other Sawyer (Josh Holloway). One old face you will not be seeing is Harold Perrineau as Michael, who actually turned down an opportunity to return in the season finale. At this point, we have to assume that Michael and Walt are safe and sound at home. Source: MediaWeek [Note: Some people talk about a Jack/Locke showdown others talk about Jack/Sawyer. In any case, there will be a showdown between Jack and someone else.]

Source: Spoilerfix

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