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Episode S3E16 - One of Us (Air Date: 11th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Juliet

Official Word
Jack’s joyous reunion with his fellow survivors is cut short when they realize that accompanying him is one of “The Others,” and Claire is stricken by a mysterious, life-threatening illness

Guest starring are Robin Weigert as Rachel, William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Brett Cullen as Goodwin, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Joah Buley as other dude and Tyrone Howard as airport guard.


Spoilers and Rumours
Will feature the time from where we left off in Not in Portland and will have Ethan, Richard Alpert, and her sister all appearing. It will also show how she arrived on the island via the Submarine.

Quotes from Elizabeth Mitchell ""It's a nice revelatory flashback. My first flashback episode wasn't particularly twisty or turny. This one is definitely twisty and turny.

And the stuff between me and Ben is pretty heartbreaking.

Episode S3E17 - Catch-22 (Air Date: 18th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Desmond

Official Word
Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle after experiencing one of his future-prophesizing “flashes” -- but is he purposely placing Charlie’s life in harm’s way? Meanwhile, Kate turns to an unwitting Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet

Guest starring are Sonia Walger as Penny Widmore, Jack Maxwell as Derek, Joanna Bool as Ruth, Andrew Connolly as Brother Campbell, Andrew Trask as older monk and Marsha Thomason as Naomi the parachutist.

Spoilers and Rumours
- Lost is adding a pivotal new character that is so top secret, all I can tell you is that she's female
- Will reveal Desmond's time in the army and how he got discharged.
- The shooting of a scene was witnessed at St. Andrew's Priory near downtown Honolulu. Desmond was seen neatly shorn. He was in a long grey robe. He was talking to another man, a superior perhaps, in a black robe and skull cap. Desmond got down on his knees, palms together and up, as if to receive communion.

Episode will feature Theodore (50s, Male, Caucasian), Kenneth (20s, Male, Caucasian, Scottish, Kenneth is a working class type who is quite quick to throw a punch), Ruth (20s, Female, Caucasian, Scottish, Pretty. Ruth is said to be a strong and pretty woman who has rather sad eyes) and a unknown female (20s-30s, European or Asian, very attractive, tough, Intelligent, Fit)

Episode S3E18 - D.O.C (Air Date: 25th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Jin

Spoilers and Rumours
The producers have confirmed that this season we will find out who Sun's baby's father is so we assume it could be this episode.
D.O.C stands for Date of Conception
Sun's Father, Mr.Paik will be seen again
Sun is going to learn interesting things about what happens to pregnant women on the island and when she does learn these things, it's going to impact her relationship with Jin in a profound way.

Episode S3E19 - The Brig (Air Date: 2nd May 2007)
Flashbacks: Jack

Spoilers and Rumours
There are currently no details about this episode except a rumour that it might be Jack Centric and another rumour that Walt may appear.
Also rumoured to be reappearing is Anthony Cooper

Episode S3E20 - The Man Behind the Curtain (Air Date: 9th May 2007)
Flashbacks: Dharma/Degroots

Spoilers and Rumours
Looks like eps. #320 is 'hippie-centric' with a flashback to the '70's. Features Horace, a scientist/mathematician and Olivia an attractive elementary school teacher. Both embody a 'hippie' idealism. Olivia may show up later in other eps.

It is rumoured that the above couple are actually Gerald and Karen DeGroot and their son is Ben.

Episode S3E21 - The Greatest Hits (Air Date: 16th May 2007)
Flashbacks: CHARLIE

Spoilers and Rumours
To keep fans in suspense, this episode which was originally episode 16, but was postponed.Domonic Monaghan stated in an interview with Media Guardian, that his flashback episode would be one of the last in the season, however, not the finale but that his character would play an important role in the finale without him physically being there.

An actress playing a young nurse from Manchester who's also Charlie's school friend will appear in this episode. We apparently will also find out about Charlie's dad in more depth.

On UK Show "Richard and Judy", in an interview with Carlton Cuse, writer and executive producer of Lost via satellite, he confirmed that the Charlie problem would be resolved in episode 16 which then he later confirmed the title as "The Truth About Lying".

To quote " That's the truth about lying Charlie, you'll always get found out. But if you don't, then you have to live with that." This could possibly be said by Claire, Desmond or Locke.

It is rumoured that Charlie will die in this Episode

Episode S3E22/23 - UNKNOWN TITLE (Air Date: 23rd May 2007)
Flashbacks: Ben

Spoilers and Rumours
This will be a 2 hour season finale
This will feature a young/child Ben

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