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Thanks to Stefan for helping me make these better resolution images which I've touched up and enhanced.

These stills IMHO are from the next 2-3 episodes and reveal quite a bit as well as leaving us Lost fans with the usual more questions :) Let's take a look.

1) Whose holding a knife to Locke and why? Someone pissed at Locke for blowing the sub up? Or has Locke gone and blown something else up this week :)
2) Looks like the parachutist Naomi is none to clever at her landings and is caught in the trees.
3) The photo of Desmond and Penny returns yet again. Is this the "out of place" object that was mentioned in a rumour I posted?
4) I assume that they are looking at the parachutist? Or could it be a plane/helicopter that she arrived in
5) Where is Saywer?
6) Whose arrow is this? Can we assume Danielle's?
7) Who left Hurley in charge of a gun?
8) Who is attacking Jin and why?
9) Now, just where the hell is Juliet? Is this another Flashback or another hatch? It looks pretty damn secure
10) What's Locke looking at? His Father, Cooper?
11) Looks like Sawyer and Kate get it on again
12) The parachutists feet
13) What has happened to Charlie.. has Desmond's predictions of Doom finally come true?
14) Ardil-22 is Portuguese for Catch-22 the title of the next episode. The men in the Artic Monitoring Station that phoned Penny were Portuguese
15) Is Sun being attacked and being "hushed"? and why?
16) Looks like Sawyer hits Locke

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