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Here's the Latest from Kristin along with a little video snippet thanks to Y2J.

Update: Thanks to GreekCharmed for this little update.

Kristin posted something else too...quite weird:

Notice this:
"I'm told that when we see the "game-changer," which the show's writing team is calling "the snake in the mailbox," at the end of the May 23 season finale, we will understand why the show cannot go longer than 48 more episodes."

Source: Kristin

Kristin from Kristin's Office: What are the two things you can tell us about the Lost finale on May 23?
Excellent question, Kristin! Here they are:
1. The game-changer involves Jack and someone else.
2. A fan favorite will sacrifice himself for the good of the rest of the Losties.

Dana in Philadelphia: Please tell me that we get to see some Jack and Juliet nooky before the end of the season! P.S. If Juliet dies, I'm no longer watching the show. P.P.S. That was probably a lie.
HA! Right there with ya! I'm already giddy with anticipation for season-three DVDs of Lost, much less season four. Anyway, I don't know about no nooky, but I do believe Dr. Juliet Burke is sticking around for the foreseeable future. Yay!...Please don't throw garbage at me. I like her.

Source: Kristin

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