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Thanks to ackermaniv for the info. So Jack is NOT dying and there is a death tonight (Safe to assume Cooper?)

Question: Thanks for the Lost scoop last week. But I am a greedy bugger, and will take the words out of Oliver Twist's mouth: I want some more!— Benjamin Fleming
Ausiello: And more you shall get, BF. Lost's streak of mind-blowing episodes continues tonight with "The Brig," the much ballyhooed "non-flashback" outing penned by Team Darlton. But I have to warn you, it's a dark hour, punctuated by one of the (spoiler alert) most, um, twisted Lost deaths ever.

Question: Help me out here. I’m four months pregnant and need as much Lost scoop as possible!— Allyson

Ausiello: How 'bout I give you four "Brig" scoops — one for each month you've been knocked up:

1) A classic Lost set piece makes a comeback.
2) Keep your eyes on Juliet's tape recorder. It's goin' places.
3) Someone poses this question to Sawyer: "Wanna zip your pants up?"
4) There's a little post-coitus canoodling within the first five minutes (and it may or may not be related to No. 3).

Question: Am I wrong to suspect that Jack will be one of the five Lost deaths you have been speaking of?— Brandon
Ausiello: Yes, you would be wrong to suspect that. Jack is not dying. And remember, I said there will be at least five deaths this month — four after tonight.

Question: Did we see the "game-changing" moment on last week's Lost when Naomi revealed that the outside world had found Flight 815 and that there were no survivors?— Louis
Ausiello: Take it away, Damon Lindelof: "Nope. Not yet. Trust us.... YOU. WILL. KNOW."

Source: Ask Ausiello

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