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Following ABC's announcement that Lost will air for three more seasons, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse shared some of their future plans with Entertainment Weekly. The producers discussed their excitement about Seasons Four through Six and previewed the Season Three finale. Among the highlights:

* All told, the six seasons of Lost will reach a total of 117 episodes.
* Straight from the mouth of Damon Lindelof: "You won't have to wait until 2010 to get all the answers you really care about."
* Cuse and Lindelof believe that a scheduled end date will satisfy fans' concerns about the writers' plans for the show.

* Carlton Cuse mentioned that both he and Damon Lindelof looked at the show's scheduled end point as a condition for staying with the show.
* The producers are pleased with the 16-episode seasons, since an uninterrupted season of 24 episodes is harder to make.
* Season Four of Lost will premiere in February 2008, with no breaks between episodes. According to Carlton Cuse, there are "strong indications" that the show will get an earlier time slot.
* Lindelof hinted that viewers will learn about a "significant event" from Jack's past in the season finale.
* Mrs. Hawking (the woman from Desmond's flashbacks) will not be seen again this season, but will appear in later seasons.
* Try to interpret Damon Lindelof's teaser for the season finale: "It will make you realize that the house you are standing in actually has a lot more rooms than you thought when you came into it." I like the sound of that!

Source: TV Squad

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