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"Lost'"s executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof swear many viewers' questions will be answered by the end of season three. For instance, we'll know more about get a little defensive when you ask when the Others' bug-eyed leader, Ben (Michael Emerson). And though "Lost" isn't known for its romance, there will be some :really significant developments that occur in the romantic quadrangle of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet in the finale – two that will be surprising for the audience," Cuse says.

Finally, the fight between the Losties and the Others finally comes to a head, and five people will die, although not all of them will be major cast members

One big mystery that has been resolved: the show will come to a conclusion in 2010, after airing in three shortened seasons of 16 episodes each. (9 p.m., ABC)

Source: New York Post

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