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Thanks to Lyly for the link. Here is Jeff Jensen's Tease for tonights episode.

In which the producers of Lost provide a cryptic tease about this evening's newest installment of our favorite pop-culture frustration.

Tonight: Ben. Locke. Call it ''When Weird White Men Clash!''
Tonight: The Secrets of The Dharma Initiative.
Tonight: Illumination and answers... to be followed by even more questions and delighted bafflement.

By means of tease, I would first like to share with you this very, very, very timely theory that I received just yesterday from a reader named Wes, who wrote to me via the Doc Jensen hotline at JeffJensenEW@aol.com. Wes says:

''For the longest time, my roommate's been saying that Ben is essentially based on Emperor Palpatine [from the Star Wars movies] and that Locke is based on Anakin Skywalker. Personally, I've always asserted that Locke is Luke Skywalker, not Anakin. After ''The Brig'' episode, I thought the argument had been solved. To me, the scene in which Ben tells Locke to kill his dad was the third act of Return of the Jedi. In fact, I was just waiting to hear Ben say, ''Fulfill your destiny,'' or, ''Your hate has made you powerful.'' Thus, I was wondering, what are your thoughts? Is John Locke a tragic hero like Anakin or is he the official hero like Luke? Or, is there any way to really know at this point, given the fact that [the producers] keep tossing us plot twists like hand grenades?''

Well, Wes, perhaps some insight can be provided by the high priests of the Jedi Temple themselves, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Yesterday, in EW.com's exclusive Q&A with the executive producers, they had this to say about tonight's episode:

CUSE: Well, it's a Ben flashback, so it kind of really roots into the mythological history of the show and answers some important questions about the relationship between The Dharma Initiative and The Others.

LINDELOF: More importantly, we meet Jacob — the elusive, unseen, presumed leader of The Others — for the first time. This is a character who is every bit as significant to our universe as the Emperor was to the Star Wars universe. Jacob is a guy who is going to have a very significant ongoing sort of story value in our show.

And lest you thinking I'm wussing out by just giving you reheated goods — here's a dish of freshly caught coy, just for you:

''Locke will hear two words tonight,'' says Lindelof. ''Those words, and the fact that he hears them, will change his course on the island forever.''

As for my opinion, I think all of you Star Wars theorists out there are missing the obvious:

Bug-eyed Ben = Admiral Akbar.

Source: EW

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