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Thanks again to DocArzt from The Tailsection for listing these spoilers from another radio interview.

Damon and Carlton are busy guys this morning! They have made yet another radio appearance, this time on Drew and Mike! Lot's of nice information on this as well, plus those of you who wanted to see Carlton and Damon on the hot seat, here is your chance! Player link up here and some highlights below for spoiler purposes. One exciting bit of discussion, which is not a spoiler, is that LOST might be moved to a new timeslot next year! Yay!

These mysteries will be resolved by the end of the season:

* What was up with the guys in the arctic.
* Walt's ability to rejuvenate animals.
* The "magic box" idea

Some of the other highlights were:

* The island is very selective about who it heals based on the nature of the person.
* Carlton has a new nickname "Wheelbarrow Testicles." Personally, I think that should be the title of his Banjo solo ala Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption"
* Patchy's resurrection will be explained within the next couple of weeks.
* The smoke monster will not be explained until the end of the series.
* The long term story is made up of milestones, but they vary the arrival at those points by watching how the character development plays out.
* Locke's descent into a bumbling fool will be redeemed tonight.
* Lost will VERY LIKELY change its timeslot next year!

Source: The Tailsection

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