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Thanks to everyone who mailed in with this info but to be honest there is not a lot new here.

Question: Clones! You heard me, the survivors of the plane crash and some of the people on the island are clones. That's why Locke can walk because his DNA was that of a perfectly good Locke. That's why the Russian dude who was supposed to have died in that sonic-fence thing came back. That's why the women on the island can't have children because for some reason clones can't have babies! Tell me I'm wrong!— Linda
Ausiello: You're wrong! "Damon and I are willing to go out on a limb and ding that theory," Carlton Cuse says. "They are not clones."

Question: Do me a favor? Tell your friends over at Lost that if the show ends with us finding out that everyone is actually dead, I'm going to be pretty miffed. That, and I'll be throwing away my Lost mugs, T-shirts, fan-club kits and magazines. OK... maybe not the fan-club kits, but those shirts will be history.— Sandi
Ausiello: Hold onto your loot: They're not — I repeat, not — dead.

Question: Lost has been awesome of late. Am I correct in assuming that the "game-changing" episode is still to come?— Steve
Ausiello: News flash: The "game-changer" and the "Rattlesnake in the Mailbox" are one and the same. Mark your calendars accordingly.

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