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Thanks to Mark for alerting me to the new podcast.

Dominic Monaghan talks about his character, "Charlie". Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse preview their "Greatest Hits"


Thanks to "Doc Waxman" for the highlights.

(1) Next week's podcast will be the last of the season and will pre-hash the season finale. (No podcast following the finale).

(2) Future format of show explained - again.

(3) JACOB's appearance "purposely created a TIVO moment."
What you see is open to interpretation.
"It's premature to discuss JACOB in detail as it will spoil upcoming episodes.
Jacob is more of a question for Season 4 than he is for Season 3."
Rest of this season focuses on established characters instead.

(4) Flashback confirms Ben lied about his past, coming as a recruited member of DHARMA.
The Others purged DHARMA & incorporated some of its members into The Others.
Carlton paraphrasing Ben: "Me and a few others were smart enough to not get purged."

(5) Is Locke dead?

(6) LINDELOF: "Why did Ben shoot Locke, Carlton?"

CUSE: "Ben took Locke out to see JACOB as sort of a litmus test. He wanted to find out if in fact John Locke really was special, and if John Locke really could see or hear JACOB, that would indicate that Locke really WAS special. So when Locke DID hear JACOB, that really got...that freaked Ben out. That was a threat to Ben and his primacy. So he led him over to the pit and he shot him, 'cause he doesn't want his leadership of the Others challenged by John Locke.

(7) Show Seasons are designed around major story concepts. Season 3 was all about the Others, etc.
CUSE: "When you watch the finale, you'll get a pretty good idea of what Season 4 is gonna be about."

(8) JACOB is NOT an alien, as parallels to Walt's comic book might suggest.

(9) We will see more of The Purge.
What we saw was "only a taste of things to come."
Marvin Candle and others will be revisited.

(10) The powdery substance surrounding JACOB's cabin, and seen in his chair, may be volcanic ash.
In combination with other substances, this powder is probably confining JACOB.

(11) Did Ben kill Annie in The Purge too?
Annie will be revisited in a future "chapter" of the show.

(12) We will see the DHARMA shark again. It has a name: "JIM" (or "EZRA JAMES SHARKINGTON" in jest).
Hydra Station was used to study marine creatures. The shark's markings will be explained.

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