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Thanks to DocArzt for posting this over at The Tailsection. Regarding the spoiler about Walt or Michael, I think this confirms that we may see Walt again as he was recently in Hawaii according to his Facebook page that we bought to you on the Rumours page.

Thanks to James for letting us know about this! Exciting stuff indeed! Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were on Preston & Steve Morning Show (radio in philly PA. they have pod casts (WMMR.com). To sum up what they said:

The four toed statue is very very important but wont be addressed till season 4.
Walt or Michael will make an appearance by the end of this season.
One two or three people may die. just thought you'd like to know.

The four toed statue jives with a rumor that has been circulating about "The Ruins" being the big set for season four. This came about when I was talking to one of my buddies on "The Island" and asked what the big set for season four would be (The caves for s1, the swan for s2, hydra island for s3.) He said "Depending on how things go with ABC there is a rumor it will be 'The Ruins'."

The audio of this should be available at WMMR.

Source: Preston & Steve Morning Show via The Tailsection

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