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Thanks to DocWaxman for the heads up on this.

No trivia this week, but on this edition of the Cranky Fanatic Lost Podcast Big-O brings you exclusive coverage of the Promax conference where Lost producers Damon and Carlton were interviewed for almost an hour. As far as I know, no one else has audio from this event. Trivia will resume next week on the 27th of June.

(Matt Roush's Q&A starts about 6 minutes in)

Download the MP3 File

Source: Cranky Fanatic

A couple more tidbits Ausiello left out:

All shooting for S4 wraps up in March 2008 before we even see E4.

90-second Mobisode stories will revolve around a unique mystery, more closely rooted to the LOST mythology than 'Bad Twin.' YouTube, here we come!

Source: Doc Waxman

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