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Ruby in Antwerp, Belgium: Any scoop on Lost?
Executive producer Carlton Cuse and line producer Jean Higgins appeared at the LATV Festival last week, and E! Online spoke with them exclusively, getting answers to your questions. As for the for the future of the show in general, here's what Carlton had to say: "Some people speculated that [going forward] the show will be set in the future and then flashbacks to the present, but no, we aren't changing any of the format of the show. We are just adding the flash forwards as an element. They have made a radio call to a freighter, and there are people on that freighter, and it might be logical to imagine that that storyline will continue... The situation is going to be very intense this year. Charlie wrote on his hand not Penny's boat, and the message he wrote on his hand was very important. It was really funny because [ the clip at Comic-Con showed] Mr. Friendly saying, 'by the time you see this, I'm gonna be dead, but I am telling you it's a shame because whoever is going to come after the Others is going to be a hell of a lot worse than we ever were.' Damon and I were listening to him and sort of nodding our head going, 'That's pretty prophetic.' "

John in Spokane, Washington: There are rumors of a new Lost set being built along the lines of a temple or ruins. Have you heard anything?
According to Ms. Jean Higgins, "I don't expect any [permanent sets] for season four."

Ana in Denmark: What can we expect for Jin and Sun this season?
According to Carlton: "With Jin and Sun there is a very dynamic situation at work. She's pregnant...the fate of her child, the fate of their marriage, all those questions Damon and I will get to and more this season."

Pyotr in Moscow: Good news that Michael is returning to Lost, but what about Walt?
Again, Carlton Cuse, "Walt will be back also. But we're not going to get into any details about that."

Myrto in Athens: Hello from sunshine-filled Greece. Just one Lost question. Are we going to see Jacob again or learn anything about him in the fourth season?
According to Mr. Cuse himself, "Yes, you will see more of Jacob."

Francesca in Italy: Please, anything about Sawyer in Lost season four!
We asked Carlton if he had a favorite pairing in the triangle, and for what it's worth, he said, "I'm just a Sawyer fan..."

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