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The ABC television series "Lost" debuted September of 2004 and quickly became an overnight success as millions of viewers tuned in to find out what happened to the "doomed" passengers of Oceanic flight 815. It lost its way and angered viewers after huge breaks in the series run made it nearly impossible to care and showing way too many recap shows didn't help.

But it did make a rebound last season in the final shows. And now Emmy-nominated "Lost" actor Michael Emerson is spilling the beans that this season will be busier than ever. According to the Hollywood Exclusive shooting is fired up again in Hawaii, and things are looking bad (or at least scarier) for the island dwellers.


According to syndicated writers Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith the series' forthcoming episodes "are going to be scarier" than anyone seen on the island so far. That's the word from Emmy-nominated "Lost" actor Michael Emerson -- and that's saying something, considering Emerson's character seemed to personify evil last season.

Emerson -- who plays Ben Linus, leader of the castaways known as "The Others" -- reminds that at the end of last season's finale, Jack Sawyer (Matt Fox) was trying to signal a boat offshore in hopes of being rescued despite Ben's dire warnings that "it could be the death of everyone on the island."


According to the report, Emerson predicts there will be yet another shift in power between the combatant inhabitants on the hit ABC drama when it returns midseason. Although he notes that none of the cast knows for sure what's going to happen this season, "things tend to go from bad to worse on this show, so it's fair to assume anyone else who arrives on the island couldn't be a happy event."

Source: National Ledger

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