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Update: 10:40 GMT
Thanks to Darcy for the following information of the dialogue that was overheard.

Hello, I'm the speed3 that's the source of a couple of past entries on your blog. Here's what I could make out from today's shoot up in Nu'uanu Valley:

Jack, Kate and Daniel are hiking uphill through the jungle. When they reach the top of a rise, Jack and Kate sit down to rest while Daniel, who's wearing a black vest with a flashing red light (probably identical to the one Naomi has on when she parachutes down to the island) pulls out some sort of communication device (again, possibly the same as Naomi's "phone") and says something like:

"George, it's Daniel. Yeah, my instrumentation went crazy. Seemed like some kind of electrical storm. I'm here with some of the survivors."

The rest of the dialog was inaudible, but Daniel and Jack seemed to be saying a lot to each other. The take was rather long, perhaps a full two minutes.

Update 9:30 GMT Thanks again to Ryan for alerting me to the following update on the previous filming update.

I was up in Nu'uanu in the afternoon (after Ryan had already left). By that time, the only cast members remaining were Evangeline Lilly, Matthew Fox and a new guy wearing a vest with a flashing red light on it. I believe it's Jeremy Davies, who plays a character named "David" or "Dennis". I overheard some interesting dialogue, but I believe that's a topic that's more appropriate for another thread.

Source: Hawaii Threads

Well the filming updates and spoilers are rolling in. Thanks to Ryan again for this report of more filming.

Just in from a relaxing morning in the lush green forests of Nuuanu Valley...

"LOST" was filming along a small streambed at Judd Trail, up Old Nuuanu Pali Road. A perfectly LOST-y jungle location.

All the action was out of sight, but it was good to see some familiar faces on the crew. I can only tell you that there was a major confrontation (I could hear yelling echo through the forest), and can rattle of the list of actors I spotted. But I think you'll agree, this simple list alone is enough to get one's heart aflutter. This was a major shoot!

Jorge Garcia (who was kind enough to stop and chat), Terry O'Quinn, Mira Furlan (in a nice checkerboard flannel-type shirt), Josh Holloway (who I believe was the aggressor), Michael Emerson (who appeared to have been on the losing end of a fight), and Emilie DeRavin. Of course there was at least one baby being carried around. Names overheard but not seen include Evangeline Lilly, "Carla," "Alex," "Blake," and "Fuzzy" (likely stunt pro Robert Moody).

During our brief chat, Jorge again expressed a great deal of excitement and anticipation for the first few scripts of Season 4, comparing it to Season 1 in richness and mind-blowing moments. He also recalled meeting friends of mine yesterday at the "Santa Rosa" location, summarizing the shoot with a long, delicious, "Whew!"

I think it's safe to say fans are at least as excited about the return of "LOST."

Source: Ryan@The Transmission

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