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Thanks to Neil for the following.

Just wanted to send this along to you... A poster called speed3 over at hawaiithreads.com posted that he / she spotted Mira Furlan (Danielle) and L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) having dinner at a shopping center in Hawaii this past Saturday (8 September), which could only mean that we will see Rose and Danielle in some of the first episodes of season 4.

Here is the original post and link:

Hi, new to Hawaii Threads and looking forward to catching a Lost shoot again (last year in Kapuhulu, I saw them film the scene where Christian Shepard and Ana Lucia speak in a car in Australia). Anyway, my wife and I saw L. Scott Caldwell ("Rose") and Mira Furlan ("Danielle") eating dinner at Phuket Thai in the McCully Shopping Center this past Saturday. I spoke briefly with them just to confirm their identities, as I wasn't absolutely sure it was really them ("Danielle" looks a bit different out of character and "Rose" looked a lot younger in person - and it was dark in there).

Source: Hawaiithreads

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