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Update: 17:00 GMT I've just received another update from Ken along with some more photos.

A couple more pics betore I have to go into work. The L1011 and Beechcraft at Dillingham are fenced off now, apparently a lot of souvenir hunters have liberated bits and pieces though the condition of the remainder isn't that good.

As regards getting round, we went with Kos tours to visit Kualoa ranch. We actually went gliding up at Dillingham, the guy that ran the centre took us to Mokuliea beach and told us several anecdotes about the original filming there. We treked up the season 2 beach from Hale'iwa. The area is still fenced off and there is security there but we had no interaction with them as we stayed well outside the fence. Eko's church however was completely accessible.

As regards, base camp, the first day we passed we were unable to stop but they were filming down in the open section that runs parallel to the highway. The second day they'd moved further inland and the set up was not visible; there were various folk transporting stuff up to the set and it wasn't worth hanging around just in case really.

Source: Ken@DarkUFO

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Ken for some more great photos from the Season 4 Lost Set.

well got out there and got some piccies. Visited both the beach sets, had a look at the 'Base camp', they were filming both days we went past, the first day the set up was visible from the road. Got around to a lot of the other locations as well. I've included a couple of pics for you, will sort out more later as I'm on call this week. Hope this is of interest.

Source: Ken@DarkUFO

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