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Thanks to KeepingAwake for the following quote by Damon Lindelof in an interview he did last month but one that I've not seen myself and hopefully a few of you will not have also.

Bankrate: Any clues you can give us since we won't be seeing the show back on until next February (2008)?

Damon Lindelof: I know there are "Save Charlie" T-shirts popping up around. (pause. silence) "The Hatch" imploded according to Locke but there is definitely more to this story. You will get a better picture of what happens later. And Jacob? The answer lies further downstream in the ongoing story. (longer pause). Character names on the show are not assigned without a reason. And yes, that is a clue. I will tell you that the season finale definitely set up season four. It will make you realize that the house you are standing in actually has a lot more rooms than you thought when you came into it.

Source: BankRate

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