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I've not listened to it myself yet so I've posted in spoilers for now. Anyone care to do a transcript/summary of key points?

Thanks to PeeWee for the summary.

- Having a surprise Podcast because 22 Sept 2007, 3 year anniversary.
- 100 days on Island, coming up to Xmas, mid December.
- All actors back on the island, plus new characters.
- Flashforwards, flashbacks and flashes in season 4.
- They have decided who Kate ends up with (Jack or Sawyer).
- The flashforward at the end of season 3 is actually the future, it doesn't change.
- Richard Alpert: Droping hints how long he has been on the island in episode 20. They have him "parked" somewhere on the show because of his other projects.
- They had bigger plans for Nikki and Paulo but it took away stories for the other main characters, so they got rid of them.
- Will we find out if Kate is pregnant in season 4, March 2008 time, episode 4.
- Patchey is confirmed dead...for the 3rd time. We might see more of Patchey.
- Good new inside jokes in Season 4, like new coke.

I received the following from Daphne the first caller on the Podcast, who sent me a very nice email and wanted me to add this to the post.

Anyways, I'm Daphne, the first person they talked to on the podcast and I wanted to send this message to your posters:

I was the first person they talked to on the podcast and I'm sorry you all thought the questions were lame!! Did you really think they were going to give us real answers anyways? No one is ever going to be happy with anything they give away because it is never enough. I don't care, I had a great time talking to them and they are hilarious, and they don't have to give us answers to anything!! This was
something special that they did and people still complain!! Take care, Daphne

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