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New Roles Announced (*Updated*)

Update: 19th Sept 18:00 GMT
Here is a little more from Ausiello.

Episode 4 will introduce three new characters, all guest stars, not recurring, presumably for someone’s flashback (or flash-forward). They are a fortysomething corporate shark who’s willing to put his lofty job on the line to get an even loftier one, his female counterpart and the old-timer who will decide their fates.

Update: 19th Sept 09:20 GMT
Thanks to Secretagentman for the following update on the characters.

It's Galzethron. And it has nothing to do with Widmore. My 'intel' says the Mark & Melissa characters are competing with one other (possibly the flashbacker of this eps.) for a promotion in Galzethron's company. I didn't post it before because that name sounds so fake.

Update: 19th Sept 08:30 GMT
Thanks to Sam G for supplying us with the full casting sides for the roles posted a few days ago.

New Characters on Lost. I've not info on the episode but I am summing 4 or 5. Let's have you guess/thoughts as to who they are.

LOST, Episode #404
Shoots: 9/25 - 10/6/07

All ethnicities, 40s, nice looking, a cocky, not afraid to argue corporate player willing to risk his position for a promotion in a company buy-out. GUEST STAR.

All ethnicities, 40s, attractive, self-assured and formidable. Successful in a man's world and competing against a co-worker for a highly-valued promotion in a company buy-out. GUEST STAR.

All ethnicities, 60s, wise and fair but doesn't suffer fools gladly. President of a company during a corporate buy-out and must make a decision about an in-house promotion. NICE CO-STAR.

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