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Update: 12th October 22:30 GMT Thanks to my other source Bannerman, we now have the full casting side.

LOST 406
Shoots: 10/16 - 10/30

mid 30s to early 40s. Female. She is tough, no-nonsense and beautiful in an unadorned way. She is a therapist by profession and yet could benefit from some therapy herself. The qualities that make her a leader and effective at seeing into other people also cause her problems in her own life -- she can be overly controlling and obsessive. Her strength of personality is undeniable. GUEST STAR/RECURRING
Source: Bannerman@DarkUFO

Thanks to SecretAgentMan for emailing me the following.

New role for 406. Price, female, late 30's. Controlling obsessive leader. Therapist who needs therapy. Naturally beautiful. Will recur.

Source: SecretAgentMan via DarkUFO

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