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As some of you know we had a story posted over in the Rumours section. It was originally posted on a Brazilian blog and we had some people translate the information, some of which was up for debate about the correct wording. I confirmed the bulk of the spoilers with another source who told me that yes, what was posted was true.

I then made contact with Carlos Alexandre Monteiro, a journalist, who was kind enough to write to me with his actual info translated into excellent English. So this is direct from the person who was able to read the script/production pages.

Thanks Carlos!

So, but I only got time to write you about the spoilers I got in Hawaii. So, let me tell you the key points of my post...

First things first: The 1st page of what I read was the production sheet, call sheet or something named like that - I can't remember precisely the right term.

In this page, you can find the episode's number and name - in this case, #403- The Economist, but of course it can be a provisory title -, the actors (and their respective characters), the locations where the shootings would occur, the scenes that correspond to the script, instructions to prop & wardrobe staff and even the weather conditions for the shooting day!

That's where I also got Ken Leugn's character name (Miles) and the informations confirming that Jeremy Davies will play Faraday, and Rebecca Mader, Charlotte. That's where I also got the name Elsa, Sayid's girlfriend in his flashforward...

The next pages were scripts for episode's scenes. And that's the most important information I could find there:

* "The Economist" will have Sayid as a main character, and will show his after-island life. We'll be in Germany, and his girlfriend is called Elsa. In the excerpt I wrote, she seemed very intrigued about Sayid's kinda secret job. He refuses to talk about it, even to her...

* In the island, there will be a scene in which some losties will go to "Othersville" and will notice some noises. Kate (not Juliet!) will realize that the noise is coming from a house - pointed in the script as Juliet's house -, and she'll go & check it.

Then - ta-da! - she notices that the sound is coming from the closet; and finally finds Hurley stuck inside.

* Locke and Sayid are disagreeing about the best way to discover more about the "new visitors": while Sayid wants to go to the ship with Charlotte - and
appears that she'll get a boat to get back to their HQ -, Locke prefers to trust in Ben, who said that he's got a spy on the boat.

* By what I read, Kate and Sawyer WON'T have a heavy discussion. By the script, that's the situation: Freckles will want to go to somewhere - not mentioned on the excerpt I read - but Sawyer, even not wanting her to go, won't stop her; but will also show her his disappointment...

Source: Carlos Alexandre Monteiro

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