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Hawaii goes German

Thanks to The ODI for the following info and photos of the scene we reported last week about the German Flashback/Forward and the snowy settings. Here are the first pictures from that.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about several sources reporting that the LOST crew was filming a scene with Naveen Andrews (Sayid) in Germany on a snowy day.

Several fans reported seeing snow on the streets of Hawaii, street signs and store fronts in German, the German Flag waving plus Naveen Andrews on set doing several takes of him walking in and out of a building.

Thanks to a loyal ODI reader, today we all get to see the very first set images from that shoot!!

Unfortunately for all of you Sayid fans (myself included) we do not have any shots of him yet, but these are still some great images of the set and everything that was being described by the fans that day.

The set actually looks like a government building and could be a FB with Sayid looking for Nadia or perhaps a FF....??

Well here are the pics....enjoy and namaste....

Source: The ODI

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