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Wendell in Miami: The "radio silence" is killing me! Do you have anything at all to report on Lost?
That makes two of us! I can only tell you that Robin Weigert, who plays Juliet's cancer-kickin' (or did she?) sister, Rachel, has a gut feeling she's going to be back on the show. Robin told me during a visit to her new show, Life, that although nothing has been set in stone: "I think that character will definitely be back at some point, as I think will all of the flashback characters, because there will inevitably be a point when people reconnect. We've seen a flash-forward which shows some folks have made it off the island, reconnect with their loved ones. Beyond that, I don't know."

Here's hoping we see her alive and well and with the little one! In the meantime, make sure you tune into that other four-lettered L-word show, Life. (And be sure to check out our set visit on the Vine.)

Dominic in Milwaukee: How does the possible writer's strike effect Lost in February? Thanks!
The good news is that the Lost writers didn't take much of a break at all between seasons, and production started in July as usual, despite the delayed season-premiere launch date. So, if the strike does go down, Lost might be one of the few shows we'll still be seeing after the other series' eps run dry. It'll be that and the rebirth of sterling reality series like The Littlest Groom and Who's My Daddy? (If we don't have Lost, I might go work at Starbucks.)

Ginger in Chicago: Got anything Losty? I'm not too proud to take scraps.
You and me both, sister. Jorge Garcia confirmed to thefuselage.com that there will be a death in season four. Yeek! Anybody got a guess? If so, comment below. I've heard many of the castmembers are now living off the island full-time, flying in for episodes, which doesn't exactly help me sleep well at night. (I'm pretty sure Evangeline, Josh, Matthew and Daniel are still residing in Hawaii, but not sure of the others.)

Source: E!Online

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