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Thanks to Ryan of Hawaii Blog for the following.

“LOST” wrapped a major, two-day location shoot today at the Laniakea YWCA, capping several days of work at the downtown building.

Inside, Kate pleads not guilty to a laundry list of crimes, including murder, assault and weapons charges. Outside, crews worked hard to maintain both the ideal climate and the dramatic silence required for the scene. Street noise and tire screeches from the parking garage directly across the second-floor set vexed the sound crew, leaking in through old windows and conduits required for wiring and air conditioning.

It may seem curious that “LOST” would construct a courtroom in the historic building, especially since it stands a mere block away from the Hawaii Supreme Court and State Capitol — locations where majestic, court-like rooms are already built. But short of a studio lot, there’s a lot to be said for a facility you can effectively lock down and control, something the YWCA apparently offers… hopefully to its great benefit in the long term, despite the short-term inconvenience caused to members and every day visitors.

Image of the cooling system

Source: Ryan@Hawaii Blog

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