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Q : Hi Jorge!
Not the first to say but you are a really good guy, the only star I know to be so cool with his fans! It's just fantastic also that you answer ALL questions sometimes stupid, sometimes interesting or boring. Thanks a lot.
So, you know how much it's difficult for us to wait so long for next season. Producers are just crazy! Can I ask you a little favour? I just would like to know if you could ask JJ Abrams, Bender, Cuse or Lindelof if it's possible to have just a picture of 1or2 actors or staff members (No spoiler of course) with a word that say Lost filming's going on and season 4 will be fantastic? It would be a great gift for all the fans I think...
If it's not possible your answers on this forum will of course still be fantastic enough!
Thanks in advance!
Fabio from Belgium.

Jorge: Trust me. Season four is going to be wild. We're on episode six and there is some really cool stuff happening.

Source: The Fuselage

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