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Sorry for not posting this yesterday but I was too busy to get round to it.

Here is a summary of what we know about Episode 4

Episode S4E04 - Title Unknown (Air Date: 27th February 2008)
Flashbacks: Kate
What we know
Well we have had lots of info on this episode due to the very public filming of scenes.

- Kate is on trial for murder, assault and weapons charges
- She pleads not guilty
- There is a scene involving both Kate and Jack which tells us this is a Flashforward. It is unclear if the Jack / Kate scene is part of the Court Case
- The female lawyer which I suspect is the Melissa Waters character that you can see below in the casting breakdowns is played by Susan Gibney.
- Various reports is that this episode contains both Flashbacks (Trial?) and Flashforwards (Jack/Kate)

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We have 3 casting breakdowns for this episode.

All ethnicities, 40s, nice looking, a cocky, not afraid to argue corporate player willing to risk his position for a promotion in a company buy-out. GUEST STAR.

All ethnicities, 40s, attractive, self-assured and formidable. Successful in a man's world and competing against a co-worker for a highly-valued promotion in a company buy-out. GUEST STAR.

All ethnicities, 60s, wise and fair but doesn't suffer fools gladly. President of a company during a corporate buy-out and must make a decision about an in-house promotion. NICE CO-STAR.

Who are these people and what corporate do they work for? Widmore? Hanso?
Is the Jack/Kate flashforward scene before or after the S3 Finale scene?

Episode 1 - Hurley/Sawyer
Episode 2 - Jack (Rumour/Guess)
Episode 3 - Sayid (Rumour)
Episode 4 - Kate
Episode 5 - Desmond
Episode 6 - ???????
Episode 7 - Sun/Jin

You can see more on each of these characters by using the Labels dropdown menu on the right.

Tomorrow we will be looking at what we know about Episode 5 which we have quite a bit of info on.

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