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Update: Thanks to DarkUFO reader Nora, who contacted Malcom and got the following update on the photos. Out of respect for Malcolm's wishes I have removed the photo he requested.

The pictures of "Base Camp" are ones from last years finale. I took the one of Sawyer's tent a few months ago for a joke I was playing on Josh. The picture with the film crew is just a picture of James Rothenthal, part of our camera crew. They were making adjustments to the lighting. The last picture is of where the "Cages" scenes were filmed. (This is still an active filming location.)

As for the picture of the beach at night, I have been instructed to remove, and ask that you do the same. I do understand, however, that you have full right to keep the picture up seeing that I did post it publicly.

Source: SpoilerTV

Thanks to amberpiercecessac and Pat who sent me some photos from Malcolm David Kelley Facebook, titled "Filming Locations". I'm not sure if these are new images or just new to his Facebook account, so if anyone knows for sure please drop me a line.

Source: MDK@Facebook

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