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The press meeting with part of the LOST cast to introduce its fourth season is as mysterious as the successful show. We are in a room in Disney's studios at Burbank, and no one among the hundred journalist arrived from all around the world knows who will come. It is said that Evangeline Lilly (Kate). Or maybe Josh Holloway (Sawyer). Even Naveen Andrews might appear. "Impossible", says someone who has been coming to these events for years. The actor who plays the tormented Sayid has never attended one of these meetings. But, surprise!, suddenly, Andrews enters the room. "I came to a Sex Pistols concert and took advantage of the chance of doing this", he says, in a very good mood.

The amazement doesn't end with him. There is also Harold Perrineau, Michael, a character that didn't appear in the whole third season and that the day after this meeting will begin shooting in Hawaii his first comeback episode. "Last Friday I finished shooting a movie, the next day I took a plane to come here, and last night I was given a script I plan to read in the plane to Hawai, so I have absolutely no idea about what is going to happen", he says.

Perrineau attitude is a reminder of how some things never change. The inscrutability is the norm while dealing with LOST. However, actors let out some things. Before, a warning: those who follow the third season through Canal 13 and haven't finished watching it, are advised to not read further.

Elizabeth Mitchell, the blond and enigmatic Juliet in the show, says: "There are still lots of people left to die. There are many deaths... people exploding and things like that". She also tells an anecdote that deepens the mistery: "Yesterday I was reading the script of the episode that comes after the one dedicated to my character. I cried a lot, because I learned something that I didn't like finding out about".

Fourth season of LOST will be shorter: only 16 episodes instead the more than 20 of a conventional one. Depending of the duration of the writers strike, the intention is airing it without reruns. Every week, a new episode broadcasted.

Perrineau says: "When I left the show, the idea was always that my character would come back. And I was told as well that he would be very different. How different? "I don't know, that's my point. I am told he is going to be different, but nothing else" he adds, laughing.

About his role, the son of Chilean Jorge Garcia (Hurley in the show) points out: "He still doesn't know that Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) has died, so he will have to deal with that loss. I think the relationship between Charlie and Hurley was the most solid one in the show. It won't be easy for him". Garcia states that he is interested in coming to Chile, but adds that it will depend of the representatives of the studio coordinating the possibility. "I also would love to go when there is good weather".

Those who watched the third season finale through cable or in DVD, found out the new modality: now, moments of the future are also shown, when the survivors have already left the island. Can we assume that this will be done again? "You can assume whatever you want to", says Andrews. "But, yes... yes, that could happen", he adds, turning into the most secretive of the guests.

Elizabet Mitchell goes a little further: "There will be more looks into the future, but that won't be find out until the end of the episode. We will also see that some survivors are dead in the future". The actress adds: "A big difference between last season and the new one is that now we are going to see more group interaction. There won't be episodes in which you don't see a character. That has given me the chance to work with almost everyone".

There will be new faces too. With their roles still unknown, Jeff Fahey, Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung and Lance Reddick have joined the cast.

Thanks to Lyly for finding this article in Spanish which contains some spoilers for Season 4. Below are our bullet points from the article and I've sent it to 2 people who will hopefully provide us with a more complete translation. Thanks also to misteriosa for helping us with an initial translation of the key points below.

Harold had finished filming a movie and a day later he flew to California. He was given a script just the night before so he doesn't know what will happen in season 4. Secrecy continues to be a defining element of the show.
He also said that when he left the show the idea was for his character to return. They also told him that the show would be different. How different, he doesn't know because they didn't say anything else.

Elizabeth Mitchell said that without a doubt many more people would die. There are lots of deaths...people who exploit/use and similar things. She also said that the night before she had read the script for the episode which comes after that dedicated to Juliet. She started crying a lot because she found out/was informed about something and she didn't like. (I hope I got this right but I'm not sure. )

There will be more scenes from the future (FFs) but we won't know that until the end of the episodes. We'll find out that some Losties are dead in the future.

Unlike the previous season, in this one the whole group will interact more. There won't be episodes in which you won't see one character. That gave me the opportunity to work with almost everyone.

Jorge said that Hurley still doesn't know about Charlie dying and he'll have to cope with the loss. He believes the relationship between the two was the most consistent one on the show. It won't be easy for Hurley. He also says we'll se both FFs and FBs.

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