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Update: 11th November It appears that some of the quotes may very well be from an older interview that Matthew Fox gave and the article is recycling them.

Thanks to Marcia for the following.

I came across this Fox's interview in a Belgium site (the article was about Season 3 DVDs release). Among questions about his character and his life in Hawaii, was this little spoilerish bit;

Parlons un peu de Kate : va-t-elle choisir entre Jack et Sawyer ?

"Le triangle amoureux sera un jour résolu. Mais pas parce qu'elle fera un choix ! Cela sera en raison de circonstances qu'elle ne contrôle pas et cela sera intéressant car ces circonstances seront sans doute vraiment intenses."

Let's talk about Kate: will she choose between Jack and Sawyer?

"The love triangle will be solved one day. But not because she makes a choice! It will be due to circumstances beyond her control and it will be interesting because these circumstances will be with no doubt really intense."

Source: dhnet

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