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Another MASSIVE thanks to Susan for taking the time and effort to record this live from her phone and send it to me to share with everyone. Note the quality is not great but I'm of the opinion that people would rather see it like this than have to wait a whole week for ABC to post it online.

Thanks to Leslie's a Bitchin Name for the transcript of the 2nd Missing Pieces video.

Hurley and Frogurt (2min 05sec)

[Hurley walks out of a tent with a backpack]
Frogurt: Hello Hurley.
[Hurley turns around and something falls out of his backpack]
Hurley: Frogurt.
Frogurt: It's Neil.
Hurley: Neil.
Frogurt: What are you doing in Rose and Bernard's tent, Hurley?
Hurley: Nothing.
Frogurt: Nothing, huh?
[Frogurt picks up a DHARMA wine bottle that appears to have fallen
from Hurley's backpack]
Looks like you snagged some DHARMA cabernet.
Hurley: They said I could borrow it.
Frogurt: No worries, bro. I'm not here to get in your skin. If you
wanna steal from Bernie, steal from Bernie. I just have a question
for you. What's going on with you and Libby?
Hurley: What do you mean?
Forgurt: I mean are you going to make a move or not?
Hurley: None of your business, dude.
Frogurt: Look, Tubby, you're holding up the line. You and I both
know you're not going to get past doing laundry with her, so why don't
you back off, and let a real man in.
Hurley: Really?
Frogurt: Really.
Hurley: Well it just so happens I'm way past doing laundry with her.
Yeah that's right. In fact, I'm going on a date with her right now.
We're going on a picnic.
Frogurt: You got a date with her?
Hurley: Yeah. I'm bringing the wine, she's bringing the blankets.
Frogurt: Well played, Hurley. Well played. But it's not over. If
you can't close the deal with Libby, it's Neil-time - now and forever.
[Neil walks away]
[Hurley smiles and continues on]

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