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Update: 27th November 2007 Below is the full quality version of the video.

Once again a massive thank you to Susan for sending us the video and allowing DarkUFO readers to be the first without a Verizon phone to see the mobisode. Also thanks to another Susan for the transcript of the mobisode. Again apologies for the low quality , it's the best we can do to bring it to fans a week before the full quality version comes out.

Ben - So this must be strange to you.
Jack - Not really. Been a while but my dad taught me to play when I was a kid.
Ben - Actually I was talking about you being here, with us.
Jack - I got what I wanted.
Ben - It’s been a long time since I had anybody with a little skill to play against. I don’t suppose there’s anything I could do to convince you to stick around. Relax Jack. Just an idle question. We have a deal. I fully intend to honor it.
Jack - Intend to, or you will?
Ben - It’s not entirely up to me. If the island doesn’t want you to leave, it won’t let you.
Jack - What the, the island’s going to sink the sub?
Ben - No. No. I promise you I won’t do anything to prevent you from getting home. But if you do leave this place, the day may come when you want to return.
Jack - Never.
Ben - I’ve learned never to say never. And if that day comes, I hope you remember this conversation.
(Checkmate by Ben.)
Ben - Was a nice try though.

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