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Thanks to Lyly for the heads up on Ryan's latest article.

For the “LOST” crew, Halloween wasn’t so much spooky as it was slippery. Rain washed away some of the momentum during the Chinatown/Koreatown location shoot, as on-again, off-again downpours stalled filming several times. The crew took it all in stride, though, standing at the ready with umbrellas and towels to dry off people and props.

As it turns out, star Daniel Dae Kim bore the brunt of Mother Nature’s Halloween trick: an early take in which he was supposed to run to and duck into a store ended with a crash as he slipped on the sidewalk and landed flat on his back. He was fine, fortunately, and graciously accepted applause for his unscheduled stunt work.

The street scene appears to be the exterior counterpart to the toy store scene they filmed the day before. We see Jin come out the door with, yes, a giant stuffed panda bear. He’s helping his plushy new pal into a taxi cab when a guy speeding past on a blue moped knocks his cell phone out of his hand. As he stoops to pick it up, the taxi cab takes off with someone else inside. Jin runs after the cab, yelling angrily, and to no avail. Cursing, he smashes his phone to bits on the street.

The scene, which may very well add up to less than a minute of footage in Episode 4×07, took all morning to film. But despite the rain delays, shooting wrapped after lunch as scheduled. It was a busy day for the crew, to be sure. Many had to rush off to report to the day’s second shoot: a scene with Sun, Yunjin Kim… at a funeral.

Source: Hawaii Blog

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