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Thanks to Edith from SpiceDogs for the interview with Michael Emerson. Below are the spoilery parts and you can read the full article over at the link at the bottom.

You're shooting 407 so that means you're seven episodes into the fourth season?
Yes, there are seven shows I know about that you don't know.

Can you tell me anything about those seven episodes?
Everything is sort of shot out of sequence, so it's all a bit of a blur to me…what can I say about it…I can say it's been really violent. It has been a lot of action. I have spent most of my working days covered in blood and wounds. And there's been a lot more, for my character, a lot more outdoor shooting. We have been shooting in the jungle. Days and nights in the jungle. Artificial rain and many beatings and a lot of gunplay and stuff. It has taken some dark turns. And we have a mess of new characters that I think the audience will be intrigued by.

Can you give us any hints about these new characters?
I can say they are characters that are ambiguous.

Of course.
Some of them have extraordinary powers, and some of them are very dangerous. And also I can say that the new thing that was introduced in the finale of last season is that some of the story is now told in the future.

So we're going to get more future episodes?
Yeah. Now the show is going to dance around. Now the show has three places: present, past, and now future. I think that's really intriguing. I was flabbergasted when I saw the finale because those scenes between Jack and Kate were kept secret from even us. I didn't know about those scenes until it was broadcast. I thought, 'Yes, of course! It's brilliant. It's really brilliant.' It was so poignant. I thought, 'Oh my God, some of them survive but not happily.' I thought, 'That's so grown-up.' And now this is where the writers can make comments about the celebrity culture and tell the truth about some of your greatest challenges are only the beginning of your challenges…and now some people are going to have to cope with loss. Big, big losses. And changes in their lives.

Source: SpiceDogs

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