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Thanks to lastxcallforsin for the information on the.

- Walt definitely has psychic powers
- Dharma drilled, hit area with large electromagnetic build up. Swan was built over this area to act as a sort of cork.
- Desmond is solely responsible for the plane crash.
- Pushing the button may indeed save the world. There is a reason they didn't use the fail safe key originally and continued pushing the button.
- Penny is searching for the Island and when Locke didn't push the button her team saw the magnetic disturbance and found location of island. How did Penny even know there was an island to look for? We will find out in future. Since this development there is now a freighter off the island that Penny doesn't know about.
- The island cured Locke of his paralysis but is it permanent?
- Charlie, Nikki, Paulo, Shepard, Mikhail are all DEAD.
- Others use Mittelos Bioscience as a cover when off island. It is not a real company.
- Mittelos is acronym for lost time and we will find out how it relates to the others time off the island in the future.
- The others do not just get in the submarine and travel off the island. The submarine is only a part of the mechanism that allows the others to travel off the island.
- Joked that Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund, and Edgar Halowax are different people. They are probably same person, but orientation films recorded at different times. In one orientation video he has a fake hand. We will find out more about him and what happened to his hand in the future.
- Island has a very long history. Four toed statue may have something to do with ancient egyptians. Hieroglyphs in countdown timer in Swan a sort of tribute to them.
- Richard Alpert could be 601 years old, but definitely not a day over 602 they joked. Island may effect cells and slow down aging process.
- Dharma brought polar bears to island. Set free when hostiles took over and they bred.

Source: lastxcallforsin

Thanks also to The ODI for another listing of the information contained on the Blu-Ray disc.

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