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We now have the video thanks to our other Susan. So thanks to "Video Susan" for the video as always, who has done a great job getting us this mobisode a week before most other people get to see it, and thanks very much to "Transcript Susan" for the following transcript from the new mobisode. Now if only I could find a "Reveal all the secrets Susan"!

Mobisode #5 - “Operation Sleeper”

Jack and Juliet.
Jack is asleep. He wakes up.
Juliet puts her finger up, like ‘shh’.
Juliet - It’s ok.
Jack - What happened?
Juliet - We need to talk, Jack.
Jack - Ok.
Juliet - Ever since I got here, the people in your camp, Sayid, Sawyer, they don’t trust me. They think that I am here to hurt them. And it’s only a matter of time before they figure out…
Jack - I’m not going to let anything happen to you.
Juliet - Thank you. Please let me finish. It’s only a matter of time before they figure out that they’re right.
Jack - What?
Juliet - They shouldn’t trust me. I’m still working for him, for Ben. He sent me here to study the women to find out which ones were pregnant.
Jack - Why?
Juliet - So we can take them. He promised me no one would get hurt.
Jack - He promised you?
Juliet - Listen, Jack.
Jack - How could you? I thought, that you were one of us. I saw it. You wanted to get on that submarine as bad as I did.
Juliet - But I didn’t get on it. And neither did you. Just… I guess I thought that it was actually going to happen. That we would get off this island. I was naïve to think that he would let us.
Jack - Let us? Ben was in a wheelchair. Locke blew up that submarine.
Juliet - Did he?
Jack - So you’re only here because he sent you here?
Juliet - Yeah.
Jack - Why are you telling me this now?
Juliet - Last night with Sun, we saw the baby growing inside her. If she’s still on this island in about a month, both of them will be dead. I’ve been living Benjamin Linus’s dream for three years. Three years. It’s time to wake up.

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