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Thanks to video Susan as always for the video. I seem to have mislaid Transcript Susan this week, perhaps too much festive cheer.

If anyone wants the embed code for their website/blog please email me and I'll send it to you.

Well it appears that Jacob has attacked Transcript Susans mobile phone but luckily Video Susan has stepped in and provided us with this transcript. I'll have to increase her wages in the new year ;)

Arzt (approaching with a jar & it's lid in his hands): "I have my eyes on you, you have your eyes on me ... ha! (as he swoops down to capture a bug) Hahahaha!"
Michael approaches:"Doctor Arzt! Yo! Doctor Arzt! Hey, what's the weather situation going to be like tomorrow?"
Doc Arzt:"Uh, tomorrow, um ... I don't know."
Michael: "What?"
Doc Arzt: "I'm not a meteorologist, I'm just a high school science teacher. All that stuff I said about monsoon season, I made it up."
Michael: "What do you mean you made it up?
Doc: "I just wanted you to get that raft built & get off this rock and have us all rescued."
Michael: "Okay, uh -- alright no worries, forget it."
Doc Arzt: "I fell in love with a woman from Australia. I met her on the internet. We chatted with each other for about a year I saved all my money and I flew down to Sydney. I shouldn't have used my BuddyMix (?) picture okay, I admit that, I said that, I said that I was sorry I thought that we were beyond that, that it made no difference,that we were really connected..."
Michael: "mmm-hmm"
Doc Arzt: "So I get to Sydney, and I see her & she looks so beautiful, I took her out to the nicest restaurant I could find, we order the lobster, she frickin' disappeared, never came back to the table They wouldn't even let me give the lobster back! That's not the worst part, the worst part, the worst part is, I could have just hung out, Sydney, you know, the bar scene? You know what I did? I booked an early flight out, Oceanic flight 815."
Michael: "You know what? I- I would really love to feel sorry for you and all, but, you know, take a look around, everybody on this beach has got a story just like yours. Do you think anybody wants to be here""
Doc Arzt:"I know nobody does, I-I'm really sorry that I lied about the weather."
Michael: "It's okay. The raft is finished, we getting out of here, we're going to bring back help."
Doc Arzt: "You are! I know you are! I know you are! And I am going to be the first one on the beach waving 'hello' when you get there."
Michael:" Okay, man, take care." (walks away)

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