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Thanks to LostMommyof3 for the following reply from Greg Grunberg during a recent interview.

So, are we going to be seeing you on Lost this season?

[Laughter] Well, there is a rumor of that, and I hope that happens, I can’t… I’ve been sworn to secrecy about that, and about anything I’m doing with J.J. That stuff gets written about so much, but I’ll definitely be working with J.J. in the near future, that’s for sure. But I can’t, y’know, every time I say something to one of you guys it gets out there and everybody goes crazy, and I get a call from Paramount, and I get a call from here, and there, and it’s like… no, no I can’t say anything. I love Lost, and anything J.J. does I want to be a part of.

Source: TV Blog UGO

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