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The Oceanic 6

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Thanks to everyone who emailed me with the following from Kristin.

I've known about the Oceanic 6 for some time now but I've been unable to talk about it as my source was worried about the implications for their job etc. I'm hoping to be able to reveal the details of this shortly if I get the go ahead from my source.

Also, our very own Lyly got one of her questions answered, congrats Lyly.

Lynn in Decatur, Georgia: Please, tell me you've got something on Lost? I'm dying for anything!
I can tell you the biggest new question for season four is this: Who the hell are the Oceanic Six?! In Sayid's episode-three flashforward, he tells a contact he's one of the Oceanic Six, and he doesn't work anymore because of a settlement he received as the result of a plane crash. Okay now, hold the phone, Sayid: Does this mean only six Oceanic survivors got off the Island?! Say it with me now: Whaaa?!

Anne in Auckland, New Zealand: This Lost hiatus is killing me! Got anything on Sawyer?
In the beginning of season four, Sawyer is...on Team Locke! I can tell you that there are two teams and that the other leader won't surprise you...but Kate's allegiance will. Got guesses on the two teams and the two leaders? Comment below!

Lyly in Tours, France: Can you tell me if you have something about Lost for the new season, please? Especially about Sawyer and Kate...
All I can say about Sawyer and Kate is this: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." I know it's cheesy, but I'm cheesy, dammit, and I believe that's what's going on with S&K this season...

Sofia in Mexico: Any news from Lost?
You know how in that episode of Dexter, when Doakes cornered Dex, Dex head-butted him and informed him he'd always be one step ahead? Well, that's pretty much how Ben is with the rest of us. In season four, it seems like Ben still has everybody's number—including those on an incoming vessel. Boo-yah. I'm also hearing the show is currently casting fluent Franco-Tunisian voice actors for what must be episode seven or eight. Another hatchsicle? Oui ou non?

Source: E!Online

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