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Over the last few days I've been getting bombarded with emails from people asking me what I know about Season 4 and why I won't post the information on site. So rather than keep replying with the same thing I thought it would be a good idea to explain how the process works as far as how we obtain spoilers, how and when we post them and why I cannot always post what I know.

Q) How many sources do you have?
A) Currently I have around 10 very good sources who range from people who have read the scripts, worked on the editing/post production, watched the episode work prints and screeners and those who worked on the actual set.

Q) Do you know more than you are posting
A) Yes I do, a lot more.

Q) Why then can't you simply post the information
A) When 99% of these really good sources contact me, the first thing they ask for is anonymity to protect their identity. They give me info as a test and when they see I am trustworthy they give me more. All these sources I've had since Season 2 and 3. Obviously if I posted information without their prior approval I would no longer have their trust and they would no longer provide me with information. Running a spoiler site relies totally on good sources and them totally trusting me.

Q) But you posted LostFan108 spoilers!
A) Yes, but that was because a) They were already posted on other sites, albeit shortly and b) LostFan108 wanted them released so I was in no danger of losing them as a source and they were prepared to release them irresponsibly. I tried to release them slowly to minimize impact.

Q) Why do you post just snippets or teasers?
A) Sometimes a source will give me just that, some snippet which they allow me to post, sometimes they give me a whole lot more but provide me with a date that I cannot reveal the info before. For these I try to make the spoilers fun by running polls or little competitions to increase speculation and discussion in the Lost community.

Q) How many episodes do you have spoilers for?
A) Currently we have obtained very detailed information for the first 8 episodes.

Q) Will you reveal the really big spoilers and twists?
A) Yes, I share everything that I am allowed to. All big spoilers will always be behind those "Are you Sure" buttons (like the Insiderscoop posts) that give you one final chance to avoid the really big stuff. I know a lot of people don't want to know the really big stuff but enjoy the little clues and snippets such a casting news, episode titles, trailers, set photos etc.

I hope this explains a little more about how spoilers work and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer them.

Oh... And don't worry I get just as frustrated as you when I have info that I cannot release but my sources identity comes first over anything else as they could get into trouble. We should be grateful that they are prepared to send us any info at all.


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