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Update: 15:00 For those that have been asking, no, this is not one of the sources that has previously mentioned anything on Episode 4.04 to date and has been very careful about revealing spoilers. This source has been my best source for the past 2 Seasons.

As you all know there has been a massive amount of debate about Episode 4.04 - Eggtown on the various Internet boards and forums. There are some people out there who have been posting information on this episode which can be interpreted in a number of ways. They are a mixture of truth mixed in with foilers and misunderstandings of the information.

Below I've copied an email that one of my best sources and a good friend,who has seen this episode, has sent through and has permitted me to pass on. Please do not email me asking for more information as personally I don't have any. When the information is available we will post it here. We are trying our best to avoid another LostFan108 debacle.

"I don't think this episode should be ruined or spoiled, it needs to be seen, especially to be believed, and so viewers can see added nuances to the storyline. Giving away little bits and pieces, truths and half truths is not really fair.

Yes things don't end well for Jack and Kate in the ff portion. But we knew they weren't well for the two of them as a couple or as individuals at the end of through the looking glass.

But what is critical about the ff is Kates attitude, who Kate has transformed into as a person, and the dialogue in these scenes. Kate may have a kid. The paternity might be revealed in the end. Jack might tell Kate he loves her. Kate might slap Sawyer in the face. I might be lying. You wont know until you see the show. Enough said.

Stop begging for spoilers. Stop trying to spread the information around on the Internet. If you keep digging around one of the best episodes Lost has ever created will be ruined for you. I understand some people want that. But those posts usually happened the day before the episode airs.

One reason I like Andy (DarkUFO) and have used him to dish out spoilers for multiple seasons now is the way he has respect for the casual viewer and withholds some information. Stop giving him a bad time. Stop emailing him only about Sawyer/Kate/Jack "shipper" issues.

Be a fan of the whole show, not just who ends up with who. You'll find out in almost two months and it will not disappoint you."

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