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Thanks to Lyly and others for sending this to me.

Andy from San Diego: Are we going to be seeing Penny next season on Lost?
First off...17 days and counting till the premiere—thank you, Jesus! Now, for what it's worth, according to find815.com, Penelope Widmore is still involved in the search for Desmond, and her search has been connected to the crash of flight 815—her phone number shows up in a notebook belonging to Sam Thomas, the man we are following through the Find815 story. By the way, if you're a Sonya Walger fan, check your TiVo: She had a blink and you'll miss her part in last night's Terminator premiere.

Julia in San Diego: Lost! I just read somewhere that Sawyer might not make it through the season. Please save me from a true panic attack and tell me Sawyer isn't going anywhere!

Yes, Sawyer's going to be killed off in episode six, and from what I understand that will be the show's last-ever mention of the character. Audiences just never warmed up to him, and the writers realized it was best to simply give his off-putting storyline to a swift, clear-cut end. (I'm kidding. Seriously now, with all the stressing going on at tvdiva@eonline.com, I worry that you guys are all gonna give yourselves aneurysms. I promise you, if Sawyer were to eventually get killed off, which I consider unlikely in the extreme, the show would at least do it Nate Fisher style—that guy is gonna be around until the end in one way or another.)

Tom in Cleveland: I'm an old Lost fan—and by old Lost fan, I mean I'm nearing 40 years old. I have a theory that I'm hoping you might validate. If it's true, then I want to coin a new "shipper" term, too. And that's this: We'll discover that Kate's with...a Freighter! My bets are on Jeremy Davies. If so, then we have our Skaters, our Jaters and our "Keighters"!
Yeah, because it's not like there are enough people who already have a vested interest in Kate's love life! Jeez, what kind of trouble are you trying to stir up? Anyway, as far as I know, none of the boaties is getting in any of the Lostie's pantaloons, but they might be getting in their heads in a very interesting way.

Sam in Chihuahua, Mexico: Thank you so much for answering a Jacket question, we don't get as much attentions as Skate and Jate, it's really sad. So, it's hopeless to ship Jacket for season four, right?
Patience, grasshopper, until at least episode six, which is a Juliet ep. I hear you Jacketeers will like that one.

Source: E!Online

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